If you are obsessed with one of those Hollywood movies like Northface or Everest where you see the stars walking on the ice & climbing the ice mountains then this place is for you.
This is the only place in India where you can experience to trek on the mirrored ice, surrounded by beautifully dangerous glaciers and such scenic views will attract you to picturesque such moments of your life.

The best time to visit Chadar Trek ranges from Jan to Feb. This place remains in a complete freeze for just 10days. Although you can notice the start of ice melting at any moment. So, you to be cautious and wearing gumboots are also advisable for stable footing.

The sheet track is an inaccessible journey, which is done in winter in Zanskar valley. The Zanskar River is a river of river Indus and it is only 5 meters wide in some places.

Zanskar River in winter helps people during the journey because it gets stoned in ice in winter.
Pakdoo rates this place as the Best Place to Visit in India.