The Nubra valley is made up of the confluence of the Shyok and Nubra rivers. The Shyok river flows in the northwest direction and the Indus gets in the river. Nubra Valley is situated in the north-east of Ladakh valley, it is a triangle-shaped valley. Comes here through the Khurrang-la.

Here there are three colors of the water are found – blue, bland, and black. Before going here, people have to be stopped somewhere to catch some breadth, as oxygen levels there are pretty much low.

The view here is beautiful, surrounded by the Nubra valley, there are three color mountains: white, black and muddy. To go here, you have to go through a circular route which seems very exciting.

This valley is located at a height of 3038 meters. This valley was formerly known as Dumra Valley, which is a valley of flowers.

Previously before 2010, you were also allowed to go till under (the land of silver sand dunes) which is again a mesmerizing place to visit in Ladakh.