Pangong Lake is located in the Himalayas, which takes place from Ladakh via Tibet. The height of this lake is 4500 meters and the length is 134 kilometrs.

The weather here is about 10 degrees in the afternoon, while the day goes down -5 degrees. Pangong lake is also famous because many of the movies have been shot here.

Despite the water of Pangong Lake being salted, its water gets accumulated in winters.

And the color of this water does not remain the same; its color keeps changing, as if the day remains blue then later green becomes purple.

You have to Pre-book your place in the limited tents at Pangong Lakes. The Night is full of series of different short events of enjoyment like Sunset in the Evening, Bonfire with local drinks & food ending the night with Sunrise in the early morning at 3am.

Pangong Lake is the best place to visit in Leh-Ladakh. You will miss 70% fun of the trip if you have missed visiting Pangong Lake.

Precaution: This place is surrounded by Beautifully Dangerous Glaciers which are on the verge of Start of Ice Melting anytime. So the consent form is filled up by you first to declare your own risk.