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Places To Visit In Leh Ladakh


Leh-Ladakh is the best place to visit in India for nature lovers. Here the basket of nature is full of different flowers of beauty like snowfall, different colours of mountains, color changing lakes, Deserts, Double Hammer Camels, Yalks, Yummy Momos- Maggi & Kahwa (Mountain Tea) that mesmerize the Tourists a lot & make Ladakh a best place to visit as a tourist spot.

Zanskar Valley

Nature’s best places lie around Zanskar valle- Places to visit in Leh-Ladakh

Zanskar Valley is a natural charming place. Where the open view is known for the monastery cave and river rafting. This valley is spread over 5000 km and is situated at a height of about 13,000 kilometers from the sea level.

Zanskar Valley is the most different in the whole world. People like mostly adventure here, and people like clean water, river rafting also. It consists of a lot of puzzled snowy ways where you can picturesque the scenic view of Blue Sky & Mountains with Different colours.
You will listen to the roar of Bullets on these ways as it is the favourite pathways for bikers.

Chadar Trek

Places to Visit in Leh-Ladakh -Walk on stoned ice in Chadar Trek, Zanskar Valley

If you are obsessed with one of those Hollywood movies like Northface or Everest where you see the stars walking on the ice & climbing the ice mountains then this place is for you.
This is the only place in India where you can experience to trek on the mirrored ice, surrounded by beautifully dangerous glaciers and such scenic views will attract you to picturesque such moments of your life.

Best time to visit Chadar Trek ranges from Jan to Feb. This place remains in a complete freeze for just 10days. Although you can notice the start of ice melting at any moment. So, you to be cautious and wearing gumboots are also advisable for stable footing.

The sheet track is an inaccessible journey, which is done in winter in Zanskar valley. The Zanskar River is a river of river Indus and it is only 5 meters wide in some places.

Zanskar river in winter helps people during the journey because it gets stoned in ice in winter.
Pakdoo rates this place as the Best Place to Visit in India.

Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary


Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary houses one of the highest altitude Lakes like Msoriri Lake & Pangong Lake to visit in Leh Ladakh. All the flora-fauna lies among the valley where you can get see the snow mountain lions, Yalk, Wild sheep etc.

Best Time To Visit Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary is Dec to Feb. You can always get to see very rare species in these hilly mountain areas on your own life risk as the wild sanctuary allows access to dangerous animals as well.

Pangong Tso Lake

One of the two Highest Lake- Places to visit in Leh-Ladakh

Pangong Lake is located in the Himalayas, which takes place from Ladakh via Tibet. The height of this lake is 4500 meters and the length is 134 kilometres.

The weather here is about 10 degrees in the afternoon, while the day goes down -5 degrees. Pangong lake is also famous because many of the movies have been shot here.

Despite the water of Pangong Lake being salted, its water gets accumulated in winters.

And the colour of this water does not remain the same; its colour keeps changing, as if the day remains blue then later green becomes purple.

You have to Pre-book your place in the limited tents at Pangong Lakes. The Night is full of series of different short events of enjoyment like Sunset in the Evening, Bonfire with local drinks & food ending the night with Sunrise in the early morning 3am.

Pangong Lake is the best place to visit in Leh-Ladakh. You will miss 70% fun of trip if you have missed to visit Pangong Lake.

Precaution: This place is surrounded by Beautifully Dangerous Glaciers which are on the verge of Start of Ice Melting anytime. So the consent form is filled up by you first to declare your own risk.

Nubra valley

Nubra Valley of Flowers- Places to Visit in Leh Ladakh

The Nubra valley is made up of the confluence of the Shyok and Nubra rivers. The Shyok river flows in the northwest direction and the Indus gets in the river. Nubra Valley is situated in the north-east of Ladakh valley, it is a triangle-shaped valley. Comes here through the Khurrang-la.

Here there are three colours of the water are found – blue, bland, and black. Before going here, people have to be stopped somewhere to catch some breadth, as oxygen levels there are pretty much low.

The view here is beautiful, surrounded by the Nubra valley, there are three color mountains: white, black and muddy. To go here, you have to go through a circular route which seems very exciting.

This valley is located at a height of 3038 meters. This valley was formerly known as Dumra Valley, which is a valley of flowers.

Previously before 2010, you were also allowed to go till hunder (the land of silver sand dunes) which is again a mesmerizing place to visit in Ladakh.

Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill that defies Gravity- Magical Places to Visit in Leh-Ladakh

As the name suggests, “Magnetic Hill” holds one type of magnetic power. The magnetic force of this hill is so effective that it affects the air masses.

You can imagine the gravitational power of Magnetic Hills that if you set the vehicle on that hill without gear, then the vehicle will move uphill. Instead of flipping, it will climb up.

The pilots who pass the plane over the top of the magnetic hill have to double up the plane speed otherwise they feel shocked sitting in the cockpit.

Chang La Top

Chang-La, The highest Motor-able places to visit in Leh-Ladakh
highest motorable road changla visit in ladakh
Highest Motor-able Point of India – 5360m- Best places to visit in Ladakh

On the way to Chang la, you will get to reach at the Highest Motor-able Road which is situated at a height of 5360 metres in India & second highest in the world. It is a dangerously beautiful place to take a stop and have selfies clicked at the topmost point.

There is a huge rock written with the highest point where you can take pictures with. However, it’s still dangerous of landslide to stay at this place for long.

Spituk Gompa

City Of Spiritual – Places to visit in Leh-Ladakh

Ladakh is also known as the city of Buddhism because when people come here, they start listening to the sound of prayer. Spituk Gompa is located in Ladakh, which is located 8 kilometres away from Leh.
It is located at a short distance from Leh Airport. This monastery was built in the 11th century.

It is also the centre of the faith of Hindus and learners. Here is the temple of Kali Mata There is a belief that this ancient Kali Mata temple marks the history of the time of Pandavas. And even the Buddhists worship in this temple.
Hindu Priests at these temples are also Buddhists that is why this place is the perfect example of Unity of Mankind worshipping in each other’s belief. Army officials have made the tradition to circle their helicopter around the Kali Mata Temple once in a day.

It also has the beautiful statue of Buddha, the temple of Bhagwati Tara, etc. because of this it also remains among the best spiritual places to visit in Leh-Ladakh.

Hemis National Park


Hemis National Park is situated at a very high elevation in Ladakh and is the only one-way National Park in the north of the Himalayas.

This is also the residence of the National Park leopards. In the north, the river Indus flows and these parks spread over 4400 square kilometres, which is South Asia’s largest National Park.

Due to all these qualities, this place is fame and people come here to enjoy the weather scene, this is a great place for people who want to take photos.

Shanti Stupa


Shanti Stupa is composed of two words, Stupa means the pillar, that is, the pillar of peace. This stupa was constructed in 1983 by the Dalai Lama.

This Stupa is situated 5 kilometres from Leh. It is located in Ladakh, which was built by the Japanese Buddhist Association of Peace.

It is a holy and religious place. This stupa is made of marble stones. This is a revolving place which has a great view, the recognition of Hindus has also been created. It has also started counting in ancient monasteries.



A village situated on a distance of 127 kilometres from Leh is Lamauuru. This place is called Moonland, whose land looks like a moon in appearance.

Most people come here to see the land that looks like Lamayuru monastery and absolutely moon. The monastery remains in 5 buildings in the mountains, and the highest mask here is Dance Famous.

The benefit of coming here in the winter will not be enough as the snow gets frozen on its surface in the winter, due to snow cover it will not be able to enjoy the moon-like surface.

Best time to visit: June to September



Alchi is a famous village in Leh district, which is located 75 kilometers from Leh and is located on the banks of river Indus.

Alchi is the famous tourist destination of Ladakh. Where all the monasteries are located on the hills, the Alchi Math is located on the hills and not on the lower side.

In this monastery, the temples of Doo-Khang, Sum-Tzeq and Manjushree are built. The walls of these temples have been painted with paintings of Bhaigwano. Alchi’s weather is very nice, it rains all year long

Best time to visit: June to September.

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